Virility Ex Review: Everything You Need to Know (Fact-Based & Objective)

Virility Ex ReviewsLAST UPDATED: September 3, 2019
Hi, Richard here… Is becoming harder and harder to find honest, reliable and objective information about Male Enhancement nowadays and that’s precisely why I created this post…

I will let you into my own experience with Virility Ex; what it did for me and what it didn’t…

Richard AmaroThose who know me, have read some of my books, attended to any of my seminars or coaching programs, or are subscribers to my newsletter know that I always speak from my mind and that I will tell you all I know, GOOD and BAD

First; let me be very clear: Virility Ex DID NOT Increase the size of my penis by 3, 2 or even 1 inch, as far as I know, not even a half of an inch. (I didn’t buy Virility Ex thinking that this would happen though)…

However, some folks still think that Virility Ex is exclusively intended to increase the size of your penis by a few inches…

Before we move on, let me make this very clear, cause there are still many men that think that Virility Ex or any other pill will magically increase their penis size by 3 to 5 inches, in a couple of months and unfortunately, that’s now how things work.

Even though it is possible to increase the size of your penis, it will not happen just by opening the bottle and taking a few pills… I’m sorry but I just want to be very clear! But there’s very good news, keep reading…


Now, that said, I have to admit that contrary to popular belief it is indeed possible to increase the size of your penis without surgery, obviously, NOT by 3 to 5 inches in 30 days…

But I have seen and documented real cases of men who have been able to increase the size by up to 1.5 inches with a combination of proven, highly effective, exercise programs and products like VIRILITY EX and other similar high-quality supplements…

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On top of that, I can promise you this: Virility Ex can and will transform your sexual, personal, marital and social life tremendously, just right out of the box! I’m a user and I can testify this without a shadow of a doubt.

The benefits of Virility are innumerable, but you have to be realistic about what it is and what it can do for you so you don’t get disappointed…


  • Long-lasting Rock-Hard erectionsVirility Ex Reviews
  • You’ll see a dramatic increase in your Libido!
  • Erections on command (Just like Viagra)
  • A Surge in your stamina while making love
  • More powerful and longer-lasting orgasms
  • Really big erections that will look and feel larger than usual
  • An increase in penis size (when combined with an exercise program)

Coming back to my story… here are some of the things that Virility Ex did for me: first; my stamina while I’m having sex almost tripled… On the other hand, I now have more libido and my sexual drive went to the roof!

Another interesting detail is that I now last a lot longer… Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t have a Premature Ejaculation problem but I surely now have more control and it feels like I can totally control 100% when I ejaculate every single time.



Only get it from the official website. It is shocking that so many sites are still selling those fake products despite the efforts of the manufacturer to stop it!

I and some of my friends were tempted for the low price of Virility Ex in Amazon and lost our money cause what we received was a cheap imitation of Virility Ex from a store affiliated to Amazon (it is a shame), so use your judgment…

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Now, back to my story…

After using Virility ex my semen production tripled or more in a matter of days… I now have more intense and long-lasting orgasms than ever before…

…Even Though I Didn’t Buy Virility Ex for the Usual Purpose…

Male Enhancement UserMany folks use Virility Ex because of all the buzz around the product and how it supposedly increase penis size many inches, etc., etc…

Well, I didn’t buy Virility Ex for that purpose in the first place; I didn’t even measure my size before I started to use it…

I bought Virility Ex because my sexual desire was decreasing dramatically and my stamina when having sex was coming down like a wreck train…

However; I have to admit that even my wife is now claiming that my penis has grown bigger!… …what I know for a fact is that my erections are so hard and big and last so long that it feels if like my penis size has increased substantially…

Again, let me remind you; I’m not saying that my penis hasn’t increased in size after taking Virility ex; what I’m saying is that I don’t have any feasible proof of that. as I said before there is proof of documented penis enlarge cases…


Yes, it feels like it and my wife is always talking about this… and I don’t have to mention how happy she is now and how our sexual relationship has dramatically improved since I’m taking Virility Ex.

Since Virility Ex our relationship is now better than ever…it is amazing how we are now happier than ever and our problems look so small and so easy to fix! It is like we can now solve every little issue without any complications… it is good!

So, Here Are the Questions:

Has Virility Ex transformed my life, increase virility, stamina, sexual drive and is giving me more intensive, longer-lasting orgasms? Yes.

Has Virility Ex Increased the size of my penis? Maybe. I can’t really tell. However; I have just been taking Virility Ex for 1½ months and that may not be enough time to see results regarding penis size…

However, I and my wife are now totally happy and enjoying our love and relationship more than ever before, and why would I ever worry about increasing the size of my penis if I and my wife are completely happy? Get my point? Hope this post help…

I hope this Virility Ex review helps you and I wish the best for you folks and don’t give up, you don’t have to live with this, Virility Ex and many more products can really help out.

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I was burnt with the fake Virility Ex too. I order from Amazon and received a product that looked embarrassing fake!

I don’t understand how a company like Amazon is reselling products that are obviously nothing more than very cheap imitations.

But I know where the problem lies; here is what happens: Amazon is a very reputable and trusty website but I think they just screw up big time here…

Here is the problem: On many occasions, Amazon doesn’t retail the products, they just rely on independent distributors to sell the products to customers and they act just as the middleman.

I know the efforts by Amazon to only work with Reputable Distributors, as the Amazon customer service told me, but it is impossible to keep track of millions of products sold by hundreds of thousands of retailers all over the world and Virility Ex is not an exception…

So, yes, there are thousands of retailers selling fake products and imitation through Amazon and there is nothing Amazon can do to stop this and we the customers can’t do anything either other that don’t buy the products…

In the case of Virility Ex, I reported the incident to Amazon, because I didn’t have a satisfactory response from the guys who shipped the products…

They told me again to contact the independent retailer directly, but I told the guy that I already did it and they said they cannot return my money under those circumstances because the Virility Ex I received was good, which I know it is just an imitation…

They said they will investigate, but after a month they are still selling Virility Ex from this retailer, so I doubt very much that they would do anything about this…

My advice is that don’t buy Virility Ex from anybody but the official manufacturer, or you will be burnt as well…

If you get fake products you will think that Virility Ex doesn’t work and will miss the opportunity of enjoying its benefits, so avoid all the trouble… If it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t… Just get the real Virility Ex.

And it is not only Virility, but it also goes for the very popular VigRX Plus, and other high-quality products that are for sale all over the web, so for God sake, get the real deal 🙂


It is a wonderful supplement but before you buy Virility Ex, you must read a Virility Ex review first. The product is selling like hotcakes but many users still have questions regarding the supplement.

In this Virility Ex review, some of the most common questions about Virility Ex along with the answers to these questions are provided. This is to ensure that you understand it before you buy Virility Ex.

Here We Go:

Q1. What is the Role of Virility Ex?

Virility Ex is a supplement that targets the most common sexual dysfunction experienced by men. It aims to correct premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other similar problems. It also increases stamina and promotes an increase in penis size.

Q2. How Does it Differ from Other Products?

If you consult a doctor about sexual dysfunction, he will prescribe you with prescription drugs. These prescription drugs are full of chemicals that can be harmful to your body. Virility Ex differs from prescription drugs because it is all-natural.

Another factor which makes a better idea to buy Virility is its price. For a supplement that aims to solve several sexual problems, it’s relatively cheap. Compared to prescription drugs which are very expensive, Virility Ex is more affordable.

Q3. What are the Ingredients?

Virility Ex consists of the finest herbs that are used in traditional medicine. These herbs specifically target the problem areas of a man. Yohimbe, one of the ingredients is known to cure erectile dysfunction. These ingredients are guaranteed safe and approved by FDA.

Q4. Is it Going to Improve Sexual Performance?

Yes, because some of its ingredients are known for its aphrodisiac properties. This will improve the arousal and performance in bed. As you may find in so many Virility Ex reviews, it also cures premature ejaculation to make sex last longer.

Q5. Is My Size Going to Increase if I Use this Pill?

Again, the ingredients in Virility Ex will work on increasing the size of the penis. It promotes proper blood flow and circulation to the penis. As a result, the size of the penis will increase and you will also have longer erections.

Q6. How Do I Take Virility Ex?

Virility Ex is best taken twice a day on a full stomach. Take it 25 minutes after a full meal. Upon usage in the first month, you will see and feel some drastic changes in your body.

When you buy Virility Ex, take into consideration that for best results, it is advised to take Virility for three to four months.

Q7. Do I Have to Take it Forever?

Not necessarily. Part of the advantages of Virility Ex is that you do not have to use it your whole lifetime. Some men reduce their dosage to one tablet three times EACH week.

This is after they have seen the desired results. And this is one of the benefits of reading a good Virility Ex Review; you will learn many things that you previously ignored.

Q8. Is Virility Ex Going to Affect the Blood Pressure?

No, unless your body is known to react against one of its ingredients. It may still be best to consult a doctor before taking these supplements. It may not be suitable for your health or it may react with other medications you are currently taking.

Q9. I Don’t Want Anyone to Know I’m Taking Supplements, is that Possible?

Yes. Virility Ex considers the privacy of the customers. Once you buy Virility Ex, your order will be tightly and discreetly wrapped. No one except you will know the contents of the package.


Supplements are not the only things offered by Virility Ex. It also comes with a powerful exercise program. The exercise program consists of techniques to further boost the effect of Virility Ex.

Men who have followed the program have reported positive results. An increase in penis size, powerful orgasms, and longer erections are some of the benefits men have gotten from using the product.

The whole male enhancement program COULD be PERFORMED in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No one will ever know what you are up to because the company considers your privacy when you buy Virility Ex from them.

Still not convinced to buy, even after reading this Virility Ex review?

There are many Virility Ex reviews that sound too good to be true. You might be thinking that this is just another exaggerated Virility Ex review.

To prove that they also trust their own product, they have a money-back guarantee for their customers. It has also been featured on many news TV programs.

You do want to make women feeling happy and satisfied, don’t you?

Of course! It is every man’s dream to satisfy a woman in bed and leave her wanting for more. It gives them more confidence. Women can be quite strict and picky when it comes to sexual performance.

Virility Ex will help you solve most of your sexual problems in a  very short amount of time, women will be begging you for more.

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Across the globe on a daily basis, men suffering from sexual dysfunction are reaching for the holistic alternative, Virility Ex, not only does Virility Ex enlarge penis size, but it also assists in the enhancement of the sexual experience.

If this supplement is of interest to you, there are certain pieces of information you should be aware of.

More than 30,000 searches are done on Google every month for information pertaining to Virility Ex. A male enhancement supplement, Virility Ex is comprised of holistic ingredients and the product itself is becoming quite a market sensation.

The main question; however, is what is generating all the excitement and why are men turning to this specific supplement to increase the size of their penis?


Virility Ex has been formulated with the use of holistic and botanical ingredients that provide a total package giving men the ability to perform over and over again and adds to the sexual gratification of their partner.

Following is a listing of some of the compounds used in Virility Ex that gives this male enhancement supplement its potency:

Velvet Antlers

A Canadian research project involving football players and recruits from the police department discovered that the men who had taken Velvet Antler supplements for a few weeks had a significant increase in testosterone.

Those who were given the placebo had no significant change.

The benefits of increased testosterone levels in men are an increase in their sex drive and the frequency of being able to perform.


Virility Ex also contains Barrenwort. Also referred to as Horny Goatweed, Barrenwort contains Icariin which, according to clinical trials completed on a small scale, has effectively increased the blood pressure to the penis.

As the blood flow to the region is increased, the penis is positively affected in both size and erection time.


Maca is an herbaceous plant that can be found in the Bolivian Andes region as well as in Peru. This plant has been used by both cultures for many years for medicinal purposes.

In modest-sized trials, the extract from the Maca plant has been proven to increase the libido, semen quality is improved and men become more virile and sexually powerful.


The fact that Virility Ex contains a number of compelling holistic extracts is beneficial; however, they are ineffective if the ingredients cannot be placed where they are needed most. This is where Virility Ex takes center stage.

The pill’s manufacturers have utilized the most modern technological developments to ensure each ingredient reaches its target and men reap the benefits of a larger penis and greater sexual fulfillment.

Another interesting notation regarding Virility Ex is that the exact dose of the specific extracts has been included in every pill to ensure its effectiveness.

Today’s market is full of enchantment supplements such as Male Extra and MaxPlus; however, it’s necessary to read the ingredient label to be sure that just the right extract in just the right amount has been included to reach maximum performance.


Virility Ex is available via the internet and arrives at your doorstep in packaging that is discreet and private. This eliminates that somewhat embarrassing visit to your family physician or unfamiliar pharmacist.

This only adds to the appealing nature of Virility Ex and is one of the reasons a large number of them are making this pill their one-and-only choice.

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