Woman Pleasure And Climax

Do you want to know how to make a woman orgasm really Intensive?

Men concentrate a lot on their sex techniques and sexual positions, but they forget that women do not reach an orgasm in the same way as men

The first rule would be to ask questions in a genteel and refined way. Do you like this? Do you like that? You should ask what pleases her when you touch a certain area. It is all about looking for feedback. To please a woman, you need time and effort.

Men consider foreplay as a a warm up for the real action and thus do not pay much attention over it. It is the biggest mistake where they go all wrong. Nothing is more pleasurable for a woman than to have foreplay. Women enjoy it a lot and it is one of the best part for them of intimacy.

Understanding which muscles are responsible for optimal performance with various kinds of women not only will increase your sexual endurance, but it will also increase the amount of damage you do with your strokes.

Try making out in the shower, then once she’s in the mood, stand behind her and have her directly in front of the shower. Tell her to lean back so that the water jets go almost directly onto her vagina. If you have one of those shower heads on a movable coil, you’re golden.

Pleasing a woman begins long before she is willing to follow you into the bedroom. Men may think that pleasing a woman is a complex, impenetrable secret, but that is very far from the truth.

She may feel that a squirting orgasm is unappealing. The feeling can make her hold back from you. Overcome this obstacle with gentle words of comfort. You must respect what she tells you.

After she has been reassured, you can focus on the next step. Seek out your woman pleasure center. You must discover the location of the G-spot. Start with your finger to make sure that you reach her pleasure center to learn how to make women squirt. A finger allows for stronger control of your movements. Enter the vagina slowly and deeply. Move the finger across the top area of the vaginal wall. You should feel a circular spot that is hard. This area is your woman’s G-spot.

The range of sexual techniques depends on your goal. For example, if you move the finger in and out, you mimic the movements of a penis. Meanwhile, if you enter and exit quickly, you may mimic a teasing motion and make her arch her body and make her squirt. The “come here” technique represents another how to make a woman ejaculate technique.

Pretend that you are asking a person to come towards you. The pleasurable sensation can lead to an intense squirting orgasm. Any of these sexual techniques can be used alone or in combination.

You need to properly set the mood if you want to make her climax really hard. You need to ease her mind from worries and any possible distractions to let her focus just on the pleasure she will be receiving from you.

There is this common perception that ejaculation is only a man’s affair. I used to think so too. But as I soon found out, just like men, women too do experience ejaculation (or squirting orgasms), and explosive ones for that matter.