How to Please A Woman Sexually

How To Please A Woman

Of course, the truth is that all women are complex and nuanced individuals with their own anatomies and histories.

The female orgasm is still a mysterious thing for both men and women. What things influence female orgasm? Is achieving climax the only way to be sexually satisfied?

In this introduction, I’ll outline everything you need to know before showing you the exact step-by-step techniques you should be using on your girl to please her sexually.

You’re going to have to ask them. That’s the conclusion of the largest study to analyze the diversity of female sexual pleasure, published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.

Obviously, some women don’t have any of these issues and they keep on enjoying sex easily and naturally. If that’s your woman, you don’t have to read the rest of this article.

It starts by being aware of the differences between men and women when it comes to orgasm, by being aware that it’s necessary to explore the erogenous zones of your partner in order to find out what makes her wet.

A greater understanding of female sexuality sets the stage for future research by determining which behaviors and techniques actually lead to the greatest pleasure for women.

Read these few tips for sex satisfaction from and learn how to increase pleasure in bed.

Educate Yourself

Great lovers are made, not born! This is a point that I bring up time and time again. So many people expect sex to be effortless, but it rarely works that way in the real world.

Play With Her Breasts More

Your woman wants you to pay more attention to her breasts. But it has to be the right kind of attention. Most men head straight for a woman’s breasts in bed and find great pleasure in this. Her nipples, especially, are pleasure points for most men.

Use your voice

Communicating your pleasure while you’re having sex, as well as a sexy, ‘Does that feel good?” or “Do you like that?” will do wonders for her sex experience.

Set The Mood

The setting can sometimes make a big difference in whether or not you’ll have a good solo session. Think about turning down the lights, lighting some candles, and listening to relaxing music to get the mood going.

The Precoital Massage

As a warmup to the main event, start by massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles. Next, focus on the feet, kneading her heels and all other points beneath. Then zero in on the toes and stretch them individually.

Change Up The Routine

Just because the two of you recently started sleeping together doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same thing every time. Women love when their partner learns a new technique or tries something new in bed. Sex doesn’t have to happen at the same time or place

Keep The Fires Of Passion Burning!

Men and women in a relationship often become complacent towards each other. For example, all too often, women stop taking as much trouble about their appearance and stop wanting sex

Map her body

Explore different erogenous zones on her body including, neck, shoulders, scalp, ears, belly, inner thighs, inner arms, back, buttocks, and feet. Try experimenting with speed or pressure.

Rider on Top

Many people with vulvas like this position because you’re in control of the angle and thrusting speed. To make it even more intense, instead of simply sitting on top, get on your knees and lean forward, then move in and out nice and slow.


There are a time and a place for wordlessly-grunty sex, but having a partner who asks if you’re into something or if you want it another way is also nice. You don’t get any extra points for making it to the finish line without saying a peep.

Use a tender touch

Caressing her gently can create sexual tension before you go any further. Hug her, hold her hand, or touch her thigh. The female orgasm is more likely to happen if, when you’re kissing a woman, you let your hands roam to more erotic regions of her body.

Dispelling the “g-spot”

At the center of the myth that women should orgasm from intercourse alone is what’s popularly known as the “g spot” — often depicted as a mysterious spot on the inside of the vagina, according to Mintz.

Be a gentleman in bed

Understand the difference between aggression and abuse. Do not cross the line and hurt her sentiments. A rough love session should be wild and not turn violent. Treat your woman like a delicate flower that needs to be handled with care and love.

Moans Don’t Equate Orgasm

It’s good to hear your partner make some noise in bed. It’s proof of enthusiasm during sex. It’s also a major turn on for a lot of guys. But, unfortunately, it’s not always indicative of an orgasm.

The Pinner position

This is a particularly good position if you feel nervous about touching your own clitoris. You shouldn’t be of course because it’s yours, and you should feel perfectly free to stimulate it yourself if you want to.

My Conclusion

If you and your partner are both into trying fisting (and you’ve talked about it), try starting with one finger and work your way up. Dr. Powell says it can be helpful for the receiving partner to take deep breaths as they’re being fisted.

We have more questions on the topic of sex and pleasure than we could possibly cover in a single episode—or season—of television. And if they’re questions we’ve had, chances are you’ve had some of them, too.

The clitoris is, for most females, the point of origination for sexual pleasure. It has thousands of nerve endings, making it highly sensitive. Portions of the clitoris extend deep into the vagina, allowing some women to get indirect clitoral stimulation through vaginal stimulation.

The sexual revolution may have started more than 50 years ago, says Moyle, “but we’ve only just started to catch on to the idea that sex has to move beyond the functional to the fun.

Easy Way To Learn How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

If you are relatively new to the dating game, whether it is because you are young and inexperienced, or recently divorced, you are the target audience for articles that have titles such as “How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed.”

But learning how to sexually satisfy a woman can be easy or can be hard, depending on the road you take. Whether you have obtained any useful knowledge from these articles or you have never found any of them to be of any help to you, it is likely that you still glance at articles that contain sex and dating advice from time to time.

You probably do this because you think that you will eventually find out how to please woman advice that holds the key to understanding women, and therefore successfully dating them, and ultimately having sex with them. T

he truth is that there is no single key to understanding or satisfying women with Provestra, and when it comes to dating and sex, they are just as confused by your behaviors and actions as you are by theirs.

So, while this article can’t give you advice on how to sexually please a woman that will ensure that every woman that you meet will end up in your bed, because as previously stated, there is no magic pick up line that will charm the pants off of any women you desire, it will give you advice on how to hold on to the ones that go to bed with you because they like you and are curious about your sexual skills.

How To Please A Woman In Bed: Give Her The Best Oral Sex

When it comes down to it when you’re single and actively looking to date, most of your sexual partners will be women you that already know in some capacity, so you don’t have to be perfect, all you have to do is make sure that she feels that there is chemistry between you. The best way to make sure she feels the chemistry between you is to give her an orgasm. It really is easier than you think as long as you’re open and willing to give a little.

If women were the ones writing the articles with titles like “How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed,” the majority of the time they would write that the best way to satisfy any woman is to give her oral sex, and the thing is, it’s true. The reason why women don’t always make this clear right away is that so many men are so squeamish about it, and act like it’s such a big deal to deal to do it, that women rarely feel comfortable enough to ask for it, especially if it is your first time together.

Every man wants to know how to sexually pleasure a woman but most of them don’t want to put the time or take the education necessary to achieve it properly. Remember, to master any technique you need the practice, but you also need the knowledge.

You Need To Find Out What Women Want In Bed

So, when she finds out that you want to do it for her, she’ll be blown away before you even begin. By discovering what women want in bed and expressing your desire to perform oral sex on her, especially if you do it before intercourse, you are sending her the message that her pleasure is just as important, if not more important to you than your own pleasure, and not only that, but also that you understand that your penis may not be the only thing she needs to have an orgasm, and that is quite all right with you.

To know how to pleasure a woman there is no real trick to giving oral sex, every woman has her own preferences, and she is likely to share hers with you as you go. The only general rules are to cover your teeth with your lips, be gentle unless she tells you otherwise, find her clitoris and experiment on it with different tongue motions to figure out what she likes best, give her vulva attention as well, and most importantly, never, ever get between her legs or sit up from between her legs with a disgusted look on your face.

If you can remember, believe in, and be fine with the fact that your penis isn’t the only thing a woman needs in order to have an orgasm, then you’re well on your way to having a longtime girlfriend. If you can make sure that she knows that you understand that your penis isn’t everything and that you would love to give her oral sex whenever she wants, then you can tell people with confidence that you know how to satisfy a woman in bed.