How to Please A Woman Sexually

How To Please A Woman

How to Satisfy A Woman in Bed & Give Her the Best Sex of Her Entire Life!

When you meet someone new, before you have been intimate for the first time, you are likely to spend a great deal of time reading every article that you can find – online or in print – that contains any variation of the phrase “How to Please a Woman in Bed.”

There is definitely nothing wrong with seeking additional knowledge and being more concerned about your partner’s pleasure than your own, but when it comes to your first time with a new partner, there is such a thing as being too prepared and this is the reason many men turn to male enhancement supplements like Extenze.

It is very common to become so preoccupied with preparing and planning for that first time that when it finally happens, you forget everything you’ve read, become flustered, and are therefore unable to perform when you know how to pleasure a woman in bed over and over.

The purpose of this article then is to walk you through a single technique that is certain to become your partner’s favorite. First, you need to know what women want in bed after you learn this, you will no longer feel the need to read every “How to Please a Woman in Bed” just to learn how to make a woman come.

If you try to read every article that you can get your hands on and you will no longer feel the need to make sure everything surrounding the experience is perfect because you’ll understand that you’ve always had everything you need to create the perfect first time, and all that she needs is you – and your hand.

Learning How To Please A Woman Sexually Each Time!

In learning how to satisfy a woman in bed the first thing that you need to know is that the G-spot is not a myth. It does indeed exist and you don’t have to be some sort of sexual expert to locate it. It can be found on the top wall of the vaginal canal, just two to three inches from the vaginal opening. Once you have found it, stimulating it is so simple that you’ll be amazed.

What’s also amazing is how much pleasure G-spot stimulation will bring to her. After that first time, you will exude so much sexual confidence that your friends will be lining up to ask for your advice on how to please a woman sexually. So, if you really are looking for how to sexually please a woman, here are the details.

You are looking for a small, circular, spongy area of tissue. It swells as a woman gets more and more aroused, so the more aroused she is, the larger and easier to locate it will be. Therefore, you shouldn’t skimp on the foreplay, which, by the way, is great advice in every other sexual situation as well as male enhancement like Prosolution Pills.

Spend at least 30 or 45 minutes just massaging and kissing her. Focus on her neck, her earlobes, her nipples, and her inner thighs, but don’t neglect the rest of her body. This will ensure that her G-spot will be very swollen and prominent, this is how to pleasure a woman.

When the time is right, insert two fingers gently into her vagina. Remember that what you’re looking for is located on the top wall of the vagina, so your palm must be facing upward. Feel around a little, curling your fingers slightly, as you would when you are motioning for someone to come closer. Be very gentle as you search.

How To Please A Woman Sexually

Discover How To Pleasure A Woman Intensively?

The vaginal walls will be very, very smooth, while the area that you’re looking for is spongy and a bit ridged. It could even be called rough when compared to the smooth texture of the vaginal walls. Make sure that you are attentive to her facial expression and any sounds she makes to ensure that you are not scratching her or otherwise causing her discomfort during your exploration.

When you find the right spot, you will know because of the difference in texture that you’ll be feeling and because of a difference in her expression or breathing.

Obviously, you first need to know how to make a woman come in order master G-spot stimulation usually requires more pressure than either you or she is accustomed to. When you are sure you have found the right area, press and flick your fingers against the area once or twice, then ask if she wants you to continue. Though this kind of stimulation feels wonderful, it also feels very different than any other kind of sexual stimulation for a woman, and it can take a bit of time for her to get accustomed to it.

Most women report that this kind of stimulation feels very, very ticklish at first, and of course, any partner, but especially a new one, is going to feel very reluctant to laugh out loud during sex. For that reason, she may ask you to stop right away. Tell her that it’s fine if she laughs, but don’t pressure her to let you continue.

Trying To Find Out How To Sexually Please A Woman In The Bedroom?

If she doesn’t ask you to stop at the beginning, she may ask you to stop as she gets closer to orgasm. This is because as her excitement builds, the ticklish feeling turns into an odd kind of pressure, that while making her feel fabulous, also slightly resembles the urge to urinate. So, she will likely be afraid that if she allows you to bring her to orgasm, which would release that pressure, that she may urinate as she orgasms.

It is actually almost impossible for a woman – or a man, for that matter – to urinate during an orgasm, and you can reassure her of that fact. Ultimately, however, she must trust you, and if that means she needs you to stop, then you must.

When she does gather the courage to let you bring her to a G-spot orgasm, she will request that you do it as often as you can. Thus, the pressure that you previously felt to always make sure you are making her feel good will vanish, because she will make it clear how good you’re making her feel each and every time. You can rest assured that if you learn to do this properly, then you’ll always be able to say that you know how to please a woman in bed.







How To Pleasure A Woman

Easy Way To Learn How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

If you are relatively new to the dating game, whether it is because you are young and inexperienced, or recently divorced, you are the target audience for articles that have titles such as “How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed.”

But learning how to sexually satisfy a woman can be easy or can be hard, depending on the road you take. Whether you have obtained any useful knowledge from these articles or you have never found any of them to be of any help to you, it is likely that you still glance at articles that contain sex and dating advice from time to time.

You probably do this because you think that you will eventually find out how to pleasure a woman advice that holds the key to understanding women, and therefore successfully dating them, and ultimately having sex with them. The truth is that there is no single key to understanding or satisfying women with Provestra, and when it comes to dating and sex, they are just as confused by your behaviors and actions as you are by theirs.

So, while this article can’t give you advice on how to sexually please a woman that will ensure that every woman that you meet will end up in your bed, because as previously stated, there is no magic pick up line that will charm the pants off of any women you desire, it will give you advice on how to hold on to the ones that go to bed with you because they like you and are curious about your sexual skills.

How To Please A Woman In Bed: Give Her The Best Oral Sex

When it comes down to it when you’re single and actively looking to date, most of your sexual partners will be women you that already know in some capacity, so you don’t have to be perfect, all you have to do is make sure that she feels that there is chemistry between you. The best way to make sure she feels the chemistry between you is to give her an orgasm. It really is easier than you think as long as you’re open and willing to give a little.

If women were the ones writing the articles with titles like “How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed,” the majority of the time they would write that the best way to satisfy any woman is to give her oral sex, and the thing is, it’s true. The reason why women don’t always make this clear right away is that so many men are so squeamish about it, and act like it’s such a big deal to deal to do it, that women rarely feel comfortable enough to ask for it, especially if it is your first time together.

Every man wants to know how to sexually pleasure a woman but most of them don’t want to put the time or take the education necessary to achieve it properly. Remember, to master any technique you need the practice, but you also need the knowledge.

You Need To Find Out What Women Want In Bed

So, when she finds out that you want to do it for her, she’ll be blown away before you even begin. By discovering what women want in bed and expressing your desire to perform oral sex on her, especially if you do it before intercourse, you are sending her the message that her pleasure is just as important, if not more important to you than your own pleasure, and not only that, but also that you understand that your penis may not be the only thing she needs to have an orgasm, and that is quite all right with you.

To know how to pleasure a woman there is no real trick to giving oral sex, every woman has her own preferences, and she is likely to share hers with you as you go. The only general rules are to cover your teeth with your lips, be gentle unless she tells you otherwise, find her clitoris and experiment on it with different tongue motions to figure out what she likes best, give her vulva attention as well, and most importantly, never, ever get between her legs or sit up from between her legs with a disgusted look on your face.

If you can remember, believe in, and be fine with the fact that your penis isn’t the only thing a woman needs in order to have an orgasm, then you’re well on your way to having a longtime girlfriend. If you can make sure that she knows that you understand that your penis isn’t everything and that you would love to give her oral sex whenever she wants, then you can tell people with confidence that you know how to satisfy a woman in bed.