How To Grow Your Penis With Virility Ex

The popularity of Virility Ex Male Enhancement Pills continues to increase and checking the results of various search engines will only confirm this fact. Now, the first question you may have is why.

There is a large segment of the male population that admittedly needs a little help with their bedroom performance. The statistics will bear this out; at any point in time the popular belief is that more than 30 million men are dealing with erectile dysfunction issues across this country.

Dysfunctional issues present themselves in a variety of ways and might include:

* The inability to obtain an erection
* The inability to remain erect until the completion of a sexual liaison
* Achieving a semi-soft erection
* Feelings of sensitivity and the climax are considered minimal
* Lack of endurance
* Low levels of energy and vigor

This list, by no means, contains all the possible conditions related to erectile dysfunction, but if you believe you are suffering with any of the symptoms previously indicated then you should take comfort in knowing you are one of many and using Virility Ex might be a consideration.

In the United Kingdom alone there are approximately two million men suffering from issues related to the penis and the inability to perform. And, more and more of these men are looking to male enhancement supplements for assistance.

But, these same individuals are turning to one specific supplement above all others, Virility Ex.  It doesn’t matter if they are located in Nigeria, Australia, Brazil, and Malaysia or at any other part of the world, the choice is the same.

Virility Ex is comprised from natural ingredients that clinical trials have proven effective. Case in point would be Velvet Antlers. Recently the University of Alberta conducted a study regarding this compound and the final results were quite interesting. It is well worth reading should you be afflicted with a dysfunctional condition.

Two controlled groups were involved; one received the supplement Velvet Antler and the other received a placebo. The group receiving the Velvet Antler compound showed a significant increase in testosterone than those receiving the placebo.

Needless to say, higher testosterone levels subsequently lead to an increased sex drive, additional stamina and less time was needed between sexual experiences. As indicated, this compound is included in Virility Ex and it has been proven effective.

An additional compound included in Virility Ex is Barrenwort. Barrenwort contains an ingredient known as Icarrin. It was found that this particular ingredient, when tested during smaller clinical trials, effectively increased the blood pressure of the genital region. As the blood flow in this area is increased the penis becomes thicker, more erect and erections lasting for a longer period of time are the end result.

These are not the only two effective ingredients in Virility Ex. Tongat Ali, Muira Puama, Yohimbine and Catuaba are additional natural compounds contained in this supplement. And, while there are a number of other enhancement supplements on the market today, such as MaxPlus, Enlast and Extenze, they are made with artificial ingredients, unlike Virility Ex, which may have an adverse affect on the body and dangerous side effects may result.

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