Make A Girl Squirt With A G-Spot Orgasm

G-Spot Orgasm Magic Powers

As a man, you hold incredible power because you can learn how to make a girl squirt. Many people have heard about a woman’s G-Spot. They know about the deep orgasms that can urinate from the vaginal canal. Unfortunately, some people lack the understanding about creating this powerful sensation.

There are different reasons for the lack of understanding and how to make a girl squirt. For example, finding the elusive G-Spot represents one challenge. Moreover, maximizing a woman’s pleasure via G-spot stimulation represents another challenge. This article gives you pointers about how to make a girl squirt and reach body-shaking orgasms.

You want to understand how to improve foreplay, increase sexual tension and explore the woman’s body. Other articles can help you with this information. For now, I will give information about the G-Spot. Making a girl squirt requires going on a treasure hunt. The woman’s G-Spot is found on the upper wall inside the vaginal canal.

Place a single finger an inch into her vagina. Make sure that you keep the palm upwards. Bend the finger slightly and feel for a semi-hard surface area. The vaginal tissue should feel thick. This thick upper vaginal area represents her G-Spot. Be careful about how much pressure you apply. Since the vaginal tissue is thicker, you want to create balance.

Locating the sensitive spot is only one challenge to make girl squirt. Once you locate the G-Spot, a touch of the vaginal surface may not cause a response. Most people think that touching the surface will do the trick.

Real female ejaculation is triggered by female orgasm. Some orgasms are “dry” and some are in the form of squirting – women have reported that a squirting orgasm is much, much more powerful than a regular orgasm. Actually, during squirting, the woman undergoes such an ecstasy that after the orgasm she usually won’t be able to move around easily.

So, female ejaculation happens when the orgasm is intense. To make a girl squirt in bed, you have to give her intense orgasms.

You’re about to learn exactly how to make any girl, or your wife or girlfriend squirt for the first time. After that you might want to check out some of the advanced instructional material on the subject, such as multiple orgasms and stacked orgasms.